Company Information

With over 20 years of experience in program management, MRO services, drug testing
and collection, let ASAP be your partner in supporting and managing your drug and
alcohol programs.

American Substance Abuse Professional Drug Solutions, Inc.

455 E. Carson Plaza Drive
Carson, CA 90746
Phone: (562) 624-2720
Fax: (562) 624-2724
1805 Arnold Dr.
Martinez, CA 94553
Phone: (866) 699-2727
Fax: (925) 335-5060
Phone: (713) 526-2727
Fax: (888) 341-6514


Express Communication System

ASAP Drug Solutions:
uses advanced, state-of-the-art technology for easy and efficient retrieval of information.

Internet Access:
View and print results directly from our website using our on-line reporting system.

Traditional Delivery:
Receive results by telephone, fax, interactive voice response, or by mail.

Program Management

Litigation Support:
We provide support, in the form of expert witness testimony,
in the event of a drug test result that is legally challenged. This is priced separately.

Employee and Supervisor Education:
We provide the necessary employee and supervisor training materials including anti-drug
and alcohol misuse literature, audio tapes, and video tapes.

Substance Abuse Referrals:
We have a network of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) who are trained in addiction
problems in issues related to returning employees back to work. Their qualifications meet
Department of Transportation requirements.

Policy Development/Compliance Auditing

Policy Development:
We can assist you in preparation of a drug policy statement and in formulating your
company's anti-drug and alcohol misuse plan. 

Policy / Compliance Audit:
If your company already has a plan, we will ensure your program is in compliance with
all state and federal regulations.